First Contact with The Child Within

Contacting The Child within us: We were all once children, and still have that child dwelling within us. But most of us are unaware of this.


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Title: We all suffer from social dissociation or joining the tribe.
Author: Fraser Trevor
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We all suffer from social dissociation or joining the tribe. When we can recognise this problem for what it is, we can begin dealing wi...

We all suffer from social dissociation or joining the tribe. When we can recognise this problem for what it is, we can begin dealing with it, by choosing to make contact with our child within we take a leap into the unknown. How is this accomplished?

We start to be conscious of our own child within. By quieting the adult mind. Remaining unconscious is what empowers the dissociated child within to take possession of our personality at times, to overpower the will of the adult. We quietly come to an understanding with our child within seriously, and to consciously communicate in the language of childhood with that little girl or boy within: to uncover a separated being, to listen to how we truly feel and what we need from us in reality. Our frustrated primal needs of that perennial child within--for love, acceptance, protection, nurturance, understanding--remain the same today as when we were children. We have become traumatised by the toxic parental voice. We are futilely attempting to force others into fulfilling infantile needs for us, this is doomed to failure. What we didn't sufficiently receive in the past from our parents as children is communicated to our child within in the present. The past traumas, sadness, disappointments and depression cannot be changed and are gently accepted. We swallow this "bitter pill," as we call it: that, unfortunately for most of us, infantile needs were, maliciously or not, unmet by our imperfect parents or caretakers. And they never will be, no matter how good or smart or attractive or spiritual or loving we become. Those days are over. What was done cannot be undone. We should not now expect others to meet all of these unfulfilled childhood needs.This is a heavy burden for any child within to carry therefore we acknowledge the old coping strategies and build in redundancy. This is acknowledged by listening to the freed voice of the child within. The intuitive voice born out of the ten stage study. Authentic adulthood requires both accepting the painful past and the primary responsibility for taking care of that child withins liberation. This coming to believe and resurrection of the child produce a homeostasis many of us at this stage feel a release and a sense of profound wellbeing. Our dysfunctional behaviours become redundant and automatically leave us as we shine in a newly found life.We are reborn.

We relate to the child within we have learnt to identify the parental socially DISSY voice, indispensable elements of loving and living for our child within,. By initiating and maintaining an connection with our intuitive voice causes a strong reconciliation between child within and the adult it has reached. A new, mutually beneficial, cooperative, symbiotic life can be created with the child within and its freeing intuitive voice becoming creatively satisfied in a new,exciting liberated world. The child within is liberated and realises it can understand the insanity of the parental controlling outside parental voices.


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